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Sneak Some Sounds from Sugar.

Sheila Black reads "Blue Dress with Stripes," from Sugar House Review's newest issue.

Green Frosting Cupcakes
The Allegory of Perfection Chapbook by David Lee

The Allegory of Perfection Chapbook by David Lee


from "Buy the Knives"

by Shelby Handler

My mom sighs, Don't have children. I can't / love anyone else. Love is an exhausting business / model. A pyramid scheme.

from [ Anxiety, Little Sister ]

by M.A. Scott

It was easy, once, to sand / our edges, watching the football hit Marcia Brady in the nose over / & over & over again. Little sister, if anxiety were to leave us, where / would that leave us?

from "I Wanted to Be a New York Love Poem"

by Robert Lynn

They though we'd be happy being love poems. We still might be / if we hold space for the way this love sharpens like a bottle // in a bar fight.

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Sugar House Review is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit poetry publisher based out of Utah. Our mission is to promote an eclectic range of poets through publishing and live events to build nationally connected literary communities and foster the literary arts in Utah. We are excited to be some of the first people to see your work and to help the best of that work become available to a larger audience.


Sugar was founded in 2009 by John Kippen, Nano Taggart, Jerry VanIeperen, and Natalie Young. At the time, it was the only independent, print poetry journal in Utah. Our name is based on both our location and desire to publish sticky, heart-racing, sweet, sweet addictive poetry. Sugar House is a neighborhood within Salt Lake City, named after the sugar beet factory of the Deseret Manufacturing Company (1851–1855).



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