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Helicon West, a showcase for poets and writers, where local, regional, and national authors vied for a place on the schedule for 15 years, was temporarily felled by COVID-19 budget cuts. Sugar House Press is proud to partner with Helicon West to relaunch this wonderful reading series and press. 


With your help, Helicon West is on its way to a vibrant new life. Once again, enthusiastic audiences will hear thoughtful, creative, inspired readings from writers of every genre and ability, from famous national authors to first-time knee-knocking novices at the open microphone. Once again, writers’ voices will be heard and honored at Helicon West.


First, we need a strong budgetary foundation. Helicon West is grateful for devoted volunteers who lend their expertise in planning and marketing, but there are many additional expenses with public relations, printing, filming, and supporting/promoting featured authors by hosting a pre-event dinner, paying for travel expenses, and providing a small honorarium. 


PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING. Any amount, one-time or ongoing, will be sincerely appreciated and put to good use. Your tax-deductible gift to Sugar House Press's Helicon West campaign will move us toward our goal re-launching and guaranteeing the future of Helicon West. 100% of your gift goes to the expenses of this program: honorariums and meals for featured readers, marketing and promotion, and the technology and support necessary for Helicon to flourish. 


Next, sincere thanks to all those readers and audience members who helped put Helicon West on the literary map. Go to youtube.com/heliconwest, to view videos of previous Helicon West events; find someone you know, and spread the word. 


Finally, join us for our virtual readings—watch for those, coming soon—and then for our live events at the Logan Library, when it is safe to meet in large groups once again. And consider donating to a new library! We will need the additional space for Helicon West “Live and Alive” for another 15 years, at least.


Thank you in advance for supporting Helicon West. See you soon at Helicon West!