Sugar House Review is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit poetry publisher based out of Utah. Our mission is to promote an eclectic range of poets through publishing and live events to build nationally connected literary communities and foster the literary arts in Utah. We are excited to be some of the first people to see your work and to help the best of that work become available to a larger audience.


Sugar House Review was founded in 2009 by John Kippen, Nano Taggart, Jerry VanIeperen, and Natalie Young. At the time, it was the only independent, print poetry journal in Utah. Our name is based on both our location and desire to publish sticky, heart-racing, sweet, sweet addictive poetry. Sugar House is a neighborhood within Salt Lake City, named after the sugar beet factory of the Deseret Manufacturing Company (1851–1855).

“The editors of Sugar House Review take to heart the proverb that if a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well . . . A very fine poetry magazine that would make an excellent addition to any collection of contemporary American poetry.”




Submitting work to Sugar House Review is an act of generosity: Sugar House Review is honored that poets submit their work to be considered for publication. Unlike many literary magazines, submissions are read by at least two readers—usually more. We are invested in our contributors and we take their work seriously.

Poetry and the literary arts are sacred vehicles through which ideas become conversations. We believe that the transaction between writer and audience, reader and listener, can teach life-affirming habits of patience, empathy, self-awareness, and critical thinking. 

Sugar House Review is committed to collaborating to achieve its mission statement and to help like-minded organizations and partners to achieve theirs. In the past, we have worked with churches, bookstores, art galleries, advocacy groups, grant makers, coffee shops, schools, universities, individual artists, and other literary projects.


We believe that a remarkable variety of exciting things are happening in contemporary poetry. We work to assure this excitement continues by publishing and promoting as wide a range of poets, voices, and styles as possible.

We celebrate the diversity of gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, race, religion, creed, region, and any other category that informs creativity and identity. We do not celebrate opinions and perspectives that can’t share this celebration. Poetry is an assertion of voice that is strongest when enacted and celebrated by a “teeming nation of nations” (as Walt Whitman described).

We are committed to treating our poets with kindness, professionalism, and just a bit of whimsy to keep things fresh. Our lives center around poetry because we choose that they should. Our intent is that anyone who publishes with us, reads for us, or works with us feels valued throughout the process and is pleased with the results of our relationship.           



Natalie Young

Managing Editor & Designer

Natalie spends her time in Cedar City and Salt Lake City making pictures on the computer, writing, doting on her dogs, and sharing cheese and crackers with Nano. Chocolate-chip cookies are her kryptonite. NatalieYoungArts.com

Michael McLane

Contributing Book Review Editor

Michael McLane was born and raised in Salt Lake City, where he currently lives with a beautiful bellydancer, three cats, a snake, and an iguana. McLane has worked as an archivist, topographer, teacher, and rare books seller, among other things. He is a minister, loves Western history, has a permanent 5 o’clock shadow and once sold a copy of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense to Tom Brokaw.​

Shari Zollinger

Contributing Astrological Editor

Shari Zollinger lives in Moab, UT and can stake her claim on a veritable menagerie of titles, poet and astrologer being among them. These two passions speak to her love of language, which has always been the central impulse of her life. In her 20’s there was nothing more important than learning Chinese and she retains fluency even to this day. She has published her poems in Sugar House Review and Redactions: Poetry and Poetics, and has a private astrology practice. ShariZollinger.com

Star Coulbrooke


Star Coulbrooke is the Inaugural Poet Laureate of Logan City, UT. Her poetry mentor was the late Ken Brewer, former Utah Poet Laureate, who got her a job teaching advanced poetry writing. In that class, the best poetry writing class of all time, were future Sugar founders Natalie, Nano, and Jerry. Star lives in Smithfield with her artist/carpenter/musician partner and two kittens. Her most recent poetry collections are Thin Spines of Memory, Both Sides from the Middle, and City of Poetry.

John Kippen

Editor Emeritus

John is one of our founding and retired editors. His contributions in the early days of the magazine were critical to its success.

Jerry VanIeperen

Editor Emeritus

Jerry is one of Sugar's founding editors, and while he no longer works with the magazine, we still love him and and his past contributions.

Cassidy Wallace


Cass is an ice cream enthusiast with a reading habit. In her senior year at SUU, she plans to graduate as an English major with a creative writing emphasis and a history minor. She received her associate in arts degree from Central Piedmont Community College. Cass hopes to continue her education and one day find herself teaching college courses. Nothing inspires her writing more than history lectures, college ruled notebooks, and a pencil (never pen). Her sworn nemesis is the mosquito. 


Nano Taggart


Nano has spent most of his life along the I-15 corridor. He lives in the red rocks of Cedar City and occasionally works on his own writing. He is an independent grant writer and editorial/creative consultant.


Katherine Indermaur


Katherine Indermaur is the author of the chapbook Pulse  (Ghost City Press, 2018). Tommy Pico selected her poem “Girl Descends Asunder” as the winner of the Black Warrior Review 2019 Contest. She holds a BA from UNC-Chapel Hill and an MFA from Colorado State University, where she won the 2018 Academy of American Poets Prize and served as managing editor of Colorado Review. She lives in Salt Lake City.

Clarissa Adkins


Clarissa was so inspired by her high school English teacher (who is also a poet), she followed that same path. She lives in Richmond, VA, where she writes poetry and also teaches yoga. In 2018, she received her MFA in poetry from Lesley University.

Weston Cutter


Weston Cutter's latest book is Careful.

Katherine Hollander


Katherine Hollander is a poet and historian. Her book of poems, My German Dictionary, won the Anthony Hecht Prize and is forthcoming from Waywiser Press in 2019. She has taught both history and creative writing at the college level, and most recently was a faculty fellow at Colby College in Waterville, ME. Her heart, however, belongs to Somerville, MA, where she discovered Sugar House Review in Porter Square Books: It was love at first sight. 

Aaron Wallace


Aaron Wallace is a poet that served as a combat medic, rape crisis counselor, and women's health coordinator in the U.S. Army. Since Aaron’s discharge he has graduated from Jacksonville University with honors and is a current member of Lesley University’s MFA program. His work has been published or is forthcoming in The Wrath-Bearing Tree, The Deadly Writers Patrol, North Dakota Quarterly, and Typehouse Magazine. Aaron currently resides in Jacksonville, FL, with his wonderful wife Darby and their dogs, Bailey and Benji.

Madeleine Walters,

Publications Assistant

Maddie is a senior at Southern Utah University who enjoys reading and writing more than anything. Many friends and roommates have been concerned by the sheer number of books she both buys and checks out from the library. Maddie is a creative writing major, minoring in film and screen studies. She enjoys theatre storytelling, in addition to books and movies. She has been known to laugh too hard at random things and will go on a midnight-Denny’s run at a moment’s notice. Maddie wants to be an author when she graduates.

Our Board of Directors

Star Coulbrooke

Lauren Norton

Nano Taggart

David Wicai


Sugar House Review is proud to partner with and serve as fiscal agent to Helicon West, to extend the reach of our own mission. In order to give the literary arts more exposure and accessibility and to promote diversity and democracy in Cache Valley, Utah, Helicon West provides a regularly-scheduled place and time for members of the writing community to give their work a public voice, with no restrictions on levels of skill and no censorship of ideas or craft. Helicon West features published authors of local, regional, and national acclaim and invite unpublished and aspiring writers from every walk of life to read their work to an appreciative audience.  






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