Zodiac in Translation­—an Apartment on Uranus 

by Shari Zollinger
Illustrations by Holli Zollinger

Drawing from Paul B. Preciado’s book An Apartment on Uranus, I am taken by the author’s detailed account of their own gender crossing from female to male, from Beatriz to Paul. Oddly, but perhaps not so oddly, this book has me thinking about the sky, and of Uranus and its zodiacal playmate Aquarius, and how, possibly, paying a monthly rental on Uranus is not so far-fetched a notion given the current planetary conditions. 


In planetary-speak, Uranus rules Aquarius and Aquarius is currently dominating the sky. It is common, when planets are in Aquarius, to feel disconnected, isolated, and alienated. As we emerge out of collective isolation, these themes are present. Have we all lost our social muscle? If, collectively, we are all emerging from isolation, or limited social experience, I thought, possibly we could, by Zodiac sign, show the various ways that each sign connects to self and other. 


March 21 to April 19


Through the element of fire, Aries, you connect directly, actively, and assertively. Try not to let your fierce independence obstruct your desire to laugh, joke, and play with others. An initiator, you prefer the beginning of things, bending toward color, warmth, joviality, expressiveness, optimism, and movement. Invite someone to take a walk. It is here you’ll find the perfect cadence for conversation. 


April 20 to May 20


Through the element of earth, Taurus, you connect through the sensual world, breaking bread with others and sharing genuine moments. When non-human connection is limited, put your hands in the earth for the purpose of growing things, plants, carrots—trees. When you feel particularly ungrounded, brew a fine cup of coffee and pour it into your favorite mug. Allow for quiet enjoyment. 


May 21 to June 21


Through the element of air, Gemini, you connect through the intellect, social interplay, and wordsmithing. Yes, you do need to talk, my friend, even if all the talking is to be had virtually. You also like to hear what others are thinking and saying, so listening is in your wheelhouse as well. But you also need downtime and quiet meditation. Give that brain a rest at regular intervals.  


June 22 to July 22


Through the element of water, Cancer, you connect through deeply nurturing experiences. It is generally easy for you to see what others need. What do you need though? Do you know what nurtures you? If you’ve been skirting the surfaces too much lately, let yourself drop back down into your place of intuition, this place you know very well. Let yourself be understood.  


July 23 to August 22


Through the element of fire, Leo, you connect through active participation in art, culture, and creativity. With a penchant for flare, you bask in the warmth of human enterprise, even human invention. The heart, your monitor for joy, rarely fails you. Doing what you love is the right kindling. Music, poetry, or a good book in front of a warm fire will keep you smiling. 


August 23 to September 23


Through the element of earth, Virgo, you connect through truth, expressed either in conversation or through the written word. Quietly reading while dinner is baking in the oven might be the coziest way for you to spend an evening. Ironically, even with your practical and organized nature, you have a mind for awesome fantasy, and complex thinking. Use these gifts well!


September 23 to October 22


Through the element of air, Libra, you connect through the establishment of authentic relationships. You also have a most exquisite eye for design, symmetry, and beauty. Paying special attention to your closest friends and relationships keeps your creative excitement alive and well. You do not like to be weighed down. You have the extraordinary gift of relating to all types of personalities. 


October 23 to November 21


Through the element of water, Scorpio, you connect by sharing your resources with others—time, love, gifts. You are a deeply emotional being, yet it is through the eyes of others that you recognize yourself. Honor the mirrors you’ve chosen—most imitate others in your life. Keep the channels of intimacy as clear as possible. Intimacy is your muse. 


November 22 to December 21


Through the element of fire, Sagittarius, you connect through activism, honesty, and direct action. There is nothing more exciting than shared growth and collective journeys. You have a way of setting your sights firm on the horizon. Who would you like to take with you on this extraordinary journey? Travel mates must be chosen wisely. You, of all the signs, must court adventure. 


December 22 to January 19

Through the element of earth, you connect by securing your base, and building something beautiful, brick by brick. Not easily swayed, you have enough patience to wait and remain steady until your dream becomes a reality. It might take a long time. That’s okay. You can hold not only your own weight, but the weight of others. Your reliability is essential. 



January 20 to February 18


Through the element of air, you connect, ironically to both microcosm and macrocosm, the one and the many. Use technology to your benefit. Open your eyes to the bigger world, the cosmic world, the world that is human and trans-human. Find patterns in chaos. Use your knowing to help those around you who have lost their way. You are at home in this windstorm.  


February 19 to March 20


Through the element of water, you connect through music, possibly dancing, poetry, and any other activity that allows you to transcend. It is through connecting to something larger than yourself that you satisfy your most Piscean self. You are so much larger inside than you think. Myopic thinking is antithetical to your nature. Finding what takes you to the greater octaves is essential.