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Leg: Video + Visual Art

by Mya Bethers


Artist Statement

This past July, I tore my ACL in a volleyball accident. What was supposed to be one surgery, turned into four. I had complication after complication with my leg and still have yet to recover. My leg now solely relies on the support of a metal brace, medication, and constant physical therapy. While this injury has been incredibly hard on my physical and mental well-being, it has fueled the energy for some of my best multimedia projects.


“Leg” is the product of the loss, grief, and physical and mental death I battled as I came to terms with the condition of my body. I juxtaposed the concepts of technology and horror to mirror the subhuman state I found myself in. The QR code at the end of this video leads to a digital piece of art I created to further expand on these emotions.


Mya Bethers is a writer who loves to experiment with form and style. She utilizes many different digital programs to create her multimedia projects. In her spare time, Mya enjoys binge-watching k-dramas and anime, listening to music, painting, and gaming with her friends.

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