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by Nicole Cox and Terra Peranteaux

Artists' Statement:

Many people struggle to find the point of trying, especially when on a path toward a predetermined destination. “Train” is a collaboration that explores one’s place and ability to impact the world. The piece began as a sound poem, and as words began to evolve out of the sonic qualities of “train,” the idea of trying came forward. We wanted to explore the combination of different art forms (music, stop-motion animation, and poetry), and how that union creates a new, unique experience for the viewer.  

Nicole Cox is a creative writing undergraduate at Utah State University, spending her summers at home in Sandy, UT. She enjoys playing piano and guitar in the middle of the night, and loves reading so much that her family holds interventions.

Terra Peranteaux has been previously published in Stillpoint Literary Magazine and Sink Hollow Literary Magazine. She lives in Logan, UT and enjoys traveling and playing the flute.  


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