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Multi-medium Feature:

Poems that extend beyond the printed word, beyond the page. 

Sneak Some Sounds from Sugar.

Sean Hill reads "POSTCARD FROM COMPASS ROSE" one of our 2023 Pushcart Prize nominations from issue 26.

Licorice Candies

from "Air Poem"

by Mirande Bissell

I have a collarbone to cool, blushed-apple / shoulders to round. All these years, we / should have comforted each other. 

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from "10 pm, And She Says the Moon Is Beautiful"

by Todd Robinson

You have learned so much / about neurology, psychology, immune response, but still manage to pretend / you live with a healthy person instead of a silhouette. 

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from "Ghazal for Familiar Women"

by Dominique Ahkong

More than the long sleeves / and bucket hats, it’s the eroded downstroke of their backs //

that’s vernacular, it’s what they do not do, even while / their eyes are watching God disrobe and back // away. 


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from "Looking for Duende"

by Juan J. Morales

the tap was off, and mom surprised me / when she casually said / duende was watering the backyard again. 

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Sugar House Review is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit poetry publisher based out of Utah. Our mission is to promote an eclectic range of poets through publishing and live events to build nationally connected literary communities and foster the literary arts in Utah. We are excited to be some of the first people to see your work and to help the best of that work become available to a larger audience.


Sugar was founded in 2009 by John Kippen, Nano Taggart, Jerry VanIeperen, and Natalie Young. At the time, it was the only independent, print poetry journal in Utah. Our name is based on both our location and desire to publish sticky, heart-racing, sweet, sweet addictive poetry. Sugar House is a neighborhood within Salt Lake City, named after the sugar beet factory of the Deseret Manufacturing Company (1851–1855).



PO Box 13, Cedar City, UT 84721

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