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Sunni Brown Wilkinson reads "The Spirits Called Legion Speak," from Sugar House Review's 10-year anniversary issue.

Carl Phillips "Your Body Down in Gold" Broadside


from "Week Three with Fourth Graders & Teaching Poetry"

by Gary Dop

I say, "No, Ms. Boots, today, they are. / They're animals learning to growl and claw / and fly." Another kid says, "and to duty." // I correct: "'Ode to Duty,' that's Wordsworth.

from "Terms of Agreement"

by Mary Biddinger

Warmed by the heat of our respective pit bulls, we would hang on to / imaginary lockets while reading (again) Cold Mountain, like it was secretly // the story of us.

from "New Lake"

by Mark Leahy


Tomorrow, I will come back and watch / a woman teach the wood stork how to beg for scraps, / and I will watch a heron swallow a duckling whole, / like spun sugar plucked from the reeds [...]

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